Celebrity Sighting

Just like LA has its movie stars we do get our fair share of celebrities here in the valley. Now mind you, these are not your typical celebrities – they are usually much wealthier than your average movie star and much less well known. In fact, most of these folks are so unknown they can walk around and no one will recognize them. Others are recognized more easily. Steve Jobs is one of those. I just saw him today sitting at Fraiche Yogurt. Fraiche Yogurt, btw, is one of those new frozen (and also fresh, non-frozen) yogurt places that offer yogurt that’s less sweet, a little tart, organic, and overall just a lot better than your average frozen yogurt. It’s a little pricey – starting at $4 for a small cup and $1 extra for each topping (like a few crumbles of granola) but I guess Steve has no problem shelling out a few bucks, or a few million bucks for that matter.


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