Hulu Meets Keyser Soze

I have had a beta account on Hulu for a while and have been using it to watch movies and TV-shows off and on. It is by far the best site for long-form video out there. The movie selection is still small but includes a few great flicks like “The Usual Suspects,” an awesome movie that I can highly recommend you check out if you haven’t seen it. There are also plenty of TV shows available on Hulu, including many currently on TV like The Office, House, 30 Rock, Arrested Development, or the Simpsons. For those nostalgic moments Hulu offers plenty of old shows. Too bad they don’t have Magnum P.I. – my favorite show when I was in grade school.

Episodes are usually made available on Hulu after the shows air, and include a few 30 second ads. At this point there is only one 30 second ad at a time and while the ads seem to appear somewhat frequently, they pass quickly and don’t interrupt the shows too much. One request I have, other than the addition of more movies and shows, is that I’d like to be able to crank the sound up a bit more – if you’re watching on your laptop and don’t have extra speakers it’s not very loud – but apart from that I can’t complain too much.



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